How to restore the IMEI lenovo 369i

Of the many ways to restore invalid IMEI, perhaps only in this way IMEI will be normal again, easy and very simple, because the lost IMEI , can cause signal there but failed to do call.first of all you note the first two no IMEI is behind hp , then

1. Root the root Baidu  click here
2. Prepare application Chamelephone.apk click here

After you download and extract, then copy to the mmc, after your Lenovo root, then run the application CHAMELPHONE,
then After  IMEI 1 & 2 has been written and turned into a cross check the status,, please SELECT APPLY NEW IMEIs - CHANGE IMEI
After all is done, turn off the phone, dislodged batteray, then run phone.


How to restore the IMEI lenovo 369i